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three stars from Africa
three leaders of Asian music renewal
merge their creativity into a unique performance
sing and dance a new relation
between Asia and Africa

This idea of creating a new musical collaboration between artists from different cultures in Africa (Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Togo) and in Asia (Korea, Japan) was born during the Japanese festival “Sukiyaki Meets The World”. 8 musicians have started to imagine a performance where each musical color takes its role and keeps its spirit, but share its codes, meanings and creative backgrounds, in harmony.

During three weeks, living together in the small village of Nanto in Japan, they have exchanged and debated, practiced hard, shared. And been acclaimed during a remarkable tour in Japan and Korea.

Now has come the time to share their work with Africa, through a 4 countries (South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zimbabwe) tour next February.

   (photo by Takakuwa Tsunehiro)

CHIWONISO (Zimbabwe)
Zimbabwe’s Chiwoniso performs entrancing and uplifting songs with ancient soul and modern spirit. Backed by the mesmerizing interlocking melodies of the mbira and the deep grooves of an all-star lineup featuring some of Zimbabwe and South Africa’s top musicians, Chiwoniso’s voice resounds with defiant strength and profound tenderness. With a sound that recalls the fire of Angelique Kidjo, the inspiration of Oliver Mtukudzi, the rebellion of Thomas Mapfumo and the soul of India.Irie, Chiwoniso is one of the most exciting talents in African music today.
*98 RFI prize, “Rebel Album” world music best saler (dec 08-feb 09)

Peter Solo bears witness to a unique journey of experiences and openings. After a stunning success in Togo, he travels the paths of West Africa and Europe. Full of willpower and individuality, his music is rooted in Togolese tradition while absorbing West African and other far-reaching influences. The result is a highly original expression of a powerful, lively and palpable culture.
Peter Solo, with his charisma and impressive voice, stands for original, rich and bewitching music with the stage as its cornerstone.
*2003 Togo best album prize, regular performer on RFI or Radio Nova (France), tour in Japan and Korea in 2009

ERIK ALIANA (Cameroon)
A symbol of a new musical generation in Cameroon, the debate between traditions and westernization is a key in its musical creation. The incredible variety of instruments, polyphonies or rhythms in his country is a wonderful source of inspiration for Erik. The sound of the forest or the coast resume their duties to the modern and urban “Makossa” or “Bikutsi”, and through the very personal performance of Erik, become the echo of a new Africa, strong with deep and rich roots, shining with young and beautiful leaves.
*99 REMY prize (Cameroon), Masa selection 2001, Tours in major festivals in Europe, North America, Asia

Composer for Dulsori, leader of Sonagi Project, Chang Jae Hyo is a central actor of musical renewal in Korea, creating modern and original performances linked with the Shamanic ceremonies of the peninsula. Expert in Korean percussions and traditional folk-style “pansori” singing techniques, sharing breath and silence, soft gongs and powerful beats of the drums gives to the trance dimension of Korean percussions a unique and personal color.
*worldwide tours with Puri and  Sonagi Project, Ambassador for Korean music in Shanghai expo 2010 Multi-awarded in Korea.

Born in Kagoshima, (Southern Japan), Sakaki Mango has studied Swahili language and travelled to the African continent, studying lamellaphones (thumb-pianos), learning limba from Hukwe Ubi Zawose, mbira from Garikai Tirikoti, electric likembe (Congolese amplified lamellaphone) from bands of Kinshasa. Back to Japan, he has started to compose original performances, cross-breed of African buzzing sounds and Japanese effects and mixes, sung both in his dialect of Southern Japan and Swahili. With many best albums prizes, he is certainly one of the leading “world-musician” in Japan.
*2006 & 2008 best album prize (world music) in Japan, composer for movie’s music “Chocolat”.

NDANA (Japan)
What a happy band! Following their interests, they travelled Africa (Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Congo), Cuba, South America to meet with percussionists and singers. They have learned how to make their own instruments – from balafon to mbira – and create original performances on their privileged themes: meeting, discovering, sharing. With Northern Japan people “Ainu” roots, they are expressing a very direct and simple approach of music: the happiness of sounds.

Regular multi-talented bassist for Peter Solo’s “Kakarako”, Erik Aliana’s “Korongo Jam” and many other musicians in Europe and Africa, he has also a deep experience of Asia after 4 tours in Japan and Korea, with many workshops and encounters.


アフリカ・韓国・日本発 スキヤキ製





※99年カメルーン音楽REMY大賞、01年コートジボワールMASA大賞、05年仏文化庁特別基金選定、UNESCO カメルーン正式推薦アーティスト、05年米国ツアー、06年と07年に日本ツアー、08年韓国ツアー。

※元「PURI」のメンバー。現在Sonagi Project(09年来日)のリーダーとして世界(北米、南米、ヨーロッパなど)で活躍している。韓国打楽器の新世代のユニット(Dulsori、Rhytha)などの指導者。



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